This is the BOSS registry website, the official website for the "Belgium Optimed Stent Study, on the performance of the Optimed Sinus Superflex Visual stent in treatment of lesions in the SFA"

This website is only available to doctors who cooperate to this registry. For more information please contact :

Principal Investigators

  • Prof. Dr. I. Fourneau
  • Dr. S. Houthoofd
  • Dr. K. Daenens

Co Principal Investigators

  • Dr. H. Schroë
  • Dr. G. Lauwers
  • Dr. W. Lansink
  • Dr. K. Vanslembroek
  • Dr. L. Stockx

.be medical

  • Mr. G. Kuys
  • Mr. J. Vandyck
  • Mr. J. Van Overbeke

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